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LOCAL DVM: Montgomery Co. table tennis company shifts focus to manufacturing face masks

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ROCKVILLE, Md. (WDVM) — During the COVID-19 crisis, there’s been a national and worldwide shortage of personal protective equipment. A Rockville-based table tennis company is putting it’s international connections to good use to manufacture face masks.

Richard Lee is the president of JOOLA, a company that sells table tennis equipment around the globe. He’s got close ties to the COVID-19 pandemic, his sister, Vivian, works in China treating COVID-19 patients.

“My sister, who is an anesthesiologist, came to me and said, ‘Hey, I know you do a lot of sourcing and production in different places around the world.’ She asked for help in getting personal protective equipment for her and her friends,” said Lee.

About two weeks later, he and his company had found reputable production facilities in China to help his company manufacture disposable masks under the name JOOLA MEDICAL.

“We got registered with the FDA as a medical device importer. We learned about how we have to check with the factories about how they have to be registered with the FDA as well as their products,” said Lee.

The company was able to manufacture masks for Vivian and her coworkers, along with over 500,000 more masks that were brought here to be distributed locally, with even more on the way.

“We’ve been selling to local businesses, restaurants, some medical labs that are short on supplies, some doctor’s offices; so it’s been a wide range of people that are looking for these,” said Lee.

The masks are available for sale to the general public on the company’s website.

Brother & Sister: Richard & Vivian Lee
JOOLA Medical Face Mask Boxes